Softphones are apps that can be downloaded on your phone or PC that allow you to make and receive phone calls from a landline. The number that’s used within the app is configured via a Virtual PBX system, allowing you to access a fully functional phone system from any location. This technology has become increasingly popular as business professionals shift from a traditional office environment to a remote location or flexible working arrangement. This has led to Softphones assisting daily operations, productivity and client communication. Read on to find out exactly how a Softphone can benefit your business.

Gain Flexibility with Where and When You Can Make or Receive Calls

Unlike a traditional handset, Softphones can be used anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. This is an excellent choice for businesses who are always on the move, or professionals who wish to stay available to their clients after leaving the office.

Keep Your Personal Details Private

A great selection of professionals don’t feel comfortable with advertising their personal mobile. Although work mobiles are an effective solution, mobile phones can be an expensive investment for businesses. Softphones eliminate the cost of hardware completely, whilst still providing a way to protect your personal number from being displayed.

Never Miss A Call Again with A Softphone

As Softphones are completely portable, you’re able to answer important calls even when you’re not at your desk. This helps improve your lead response time, as well as efficiency in customer communication. This can help create a positive customer experience.

Softphones are an excellent addition to any business operation. They’re easy to set up and work seamlessly with other hosted PBX devices. If you’re looking for a solution to match your remote working requirements, get in touch today with one of our expert consultants on 1300 000 100 or CLICK HERE.

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